Larry's Personal Page

My fun stuff that has nothing to do with business

Hi. I'm Larry Brouhard. I used to say that the three things I loved dearly in life were Harley Motorcycles, Martin Guitars and a Worthy Opponent in tennis. Those three things now come behind Joie, Ann Ann and Gwen. All are raising me to adulthood and Gwen teaches me something new everyday:

  • No remote control is indestructable.

  • Nothing is undeserving of a toss into the toilet.

  • Tissue, toilet and otherwise, is best spread around.

  • All manner of things get the taste/smell test.

  • A baby's smile brightens even the darkest day.

  • You can find Crocodiles, Snakes, Elephants and Cockroaches in the bottom of a wading pool. No joke.

  • Kids can say the darndest things: "I don't like your face." (Spoken, then repeated to a friend. Well, at least he was before.)

  • "Papa, you're not handsome. Stop the white hair." Sigh.

  • "Papa, I think we came to the wrong Shakeys." When a power failure postponed our dinner.