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My love affair with music started very early. I never thought I would be anything other than a high-school band teacher, maybe playing gigs on the side. And I couldn't think of anything that could be better.

When I graduated from high school, I joined the Air Force to be in the band. Seemed to make sense. The Air Force had different plans, so instead of playing baritone or trombone, I learned to fix radios. Go figure.

Then I fell in love with the guitar. It started when I emceed a show at Yokota for Merle Travis in 1967. And I started talking about how I'd sure love to learn to play guitar like that. And I kept talking. And talking. Dwight Waldron (, a great finger-picker, showed me how to do movable chords around 1980, but I just kept talking rather than doing.

Finally, in 1992, Miyuki Mori had heard about as much as she could stand, so she bought me four guitar lessons from Hiroshi Takagi, who I think is just one of the greatest guitarists, musicians and composers ever.

To make a long story a little shorter, we still meet when I'm in Tokyo and, although I'm still not close to the pros, I can make some okay thumb-thumpin' music.

I've even written some songs, if you're interested, click on My Songs or Brother Jim and I below:

My Original Songs

Brother Jim and I

Jammin with Friends

Oh, did I forget to mention that guitars are like cats. Nobody has just one. Here are some of mine.


Martin D28 Short


Takamine NPT-110N (Nylon)


Dobro (1970 Vintage)


Epiphone Joe Pass Archtop


Tokai Stratocaster


DanElectro Dual-Lipstick Pickup (Replica)


Baby Taylor (One of the First)


Taylor (Brazil wood sides and back, Englewood Top, Ebony Fingerboard)


Takamine Steel String (TSS-15)


Aria Travel Guitar (Nylon)