Larry's Personal Page

My fun stuff that has nothing to do with business


Tennis has been very good to me, starting with the excellent advice and guidance I received from high school Coach Charles Richardson: Move your feet Larry, and try not to be a jerk. I finally started moving my feet, but progress has lagged in avoiding jerkdom.

In the Air Force, tennis got me off KP, let me rub elbows with generals and, the final three years, helped me escape the Misawa backwater for a couple of months a year.

When I left the Air Force, tennis introduced me to the Yotaro's, who taught me to speak Japanese and how to live as a henna gaijin in Japan.

And now, after nearly 18 years off, tennis gives me a reason to get up at 5:30 every morning. I'm even playing in team tournaments as an old guy with the GEVTC (Greenwoods Executive Village Tennis Club).

I've always applied the scientific approach to tennis: Kick the opponent's butt. These days, I'm more the kickee than the kicker, but I can't see any reason to walk on a court without expecting to win. Just doesn't make sense. Now if I could only bring it about.


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